The Department of Health Administration and Medical Informatics of Kaohsiung Medical University (hereinafter referred to as the Health Administration and Medical Informatics Department Student Association) demonstrated their enthusiasm and sense of responsibility for environmental protection on May 19, 2024. They actively participated in a beach cleaning activity at Qijin Beach, under the scorching sun of May, gathering together to engage in this action of preserving nature.

           This event was not merely a beach cleaning initiative but also a tangible expression of gratitude from the members of the Health Administration and Medical Informatics Department Student Association to nature. Despite the heavy academic workload of the students in the department, they took time to become guardians of nature, tirelessly cleaning up litter. Through their practical actions, they showed their love for nature and contributed to marine ecology conservation efforts.

           Through this beach cleaning activity, the Health Administration and Medical Informatics Department Student Association not only demonstrated their care for the marine environment but also aimed to spread the concept of environmental protection and love for nature to more people. They hope to inspire more individuals to join the ranks of those protecting the oceans and preserving the Earth's ecology. Through their efforts, they aspire to instill environmental consciousness in more people and influence society as a whole.

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