Course Features

  • In order to enhance the students' ability to implement technology, the Department has professional computer classrooms for student internships, such as: medical management simulation laboratory, health care information network laboratory, health care decision support laboratory.
  • Medical information management application field has a wide range. Students need diversity technical training for a solid foundation of application. In order to facilitate further multi applied research, the Department of Curriculum planning is divided into three main areas: healthcare management, information technology and e-commerce.
  • Via solid theoretical and practical training, students will be able to immediately work on the health care industry services to enhance organization administration efficiency. In further, when combined with current technology trends, a more sophisticated healthcare service mode with decision analysis model and telemedicine is expectable.

Career development  

  • Work on healthcare industry to enhance the institutions overall management application with information.
  • Serve on the computer system as system administrator in biomedical industries.
  • Obtain the relevant licenses for more competitiveness capability in the workplace.
  • Apply to graduate schools in the field of medical information, medical management, information management, information engineering, medical engineering, public health, health policy Institute, etc.

Requirement for Graduation and Degree Offered

  • Undergraduate program, Bachelor of science (BS)
    Required course: 60 credits; general education: 28 credits; total: 132 credits
  • Master program, Master of science (MS)
    Healthcare Administration
    Required course: 21 credits; thesis: 6 credits; total: 41 credits
    Medical Informatics
    Required course: 16 credits; thesis: 6 credits; total: 34 credits
  • In--service master program, Master of science (MS)
    Required course: 23 credits; thesis: 6 credits; total: 39 credits

Admission Requirements for International Students 

Admission will be based on a composite of qualification as evidenced by documents submitted by candidates. A personal interview by telephone or video may be requested.
Undergraduate program

  • A senior high school diploma or similar certificate which shall be verified by Taiwan Ministry of Education
    Master program
  • A Bachelor degree or higher degree which shall be verified by Taiwan Ministry of Education

A general qualification requirement and required documents can refer to the University application material.

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