The 21st Health Care Management Workshop with VCU ends perfectly in mid-March! The opening ceremony, hosted by Interim Dean Paula Song and Interim Director Saleema A. Karim, set the stage for the event. The following lectures were delivered by the department’s Emeritus faculty Cindy Watts and the beloved Thomas Wan, which undoubtedly provided students with valuable insights into healthcare management.

  In addition to our old friend, the Richmond Ambulance Authority (RAA), who we visit annually. This year, the itinerary included visiting long-term care facilities at Westminster Canterbury, aligning with the students' fieldwork and expertise. Visited to other crucial healthcare institutions such as the VA Richmond Health Care, Sentara Medical Center, and Henrico Doctors’ Hospital also provided students with firsthand exposure to vital components of the American healthcare system, which we believe was an invaluable experience for every team member.

  The final dinner and reception hosted by our faculty cheif, I-Te, Chen were marked by singing and laughter, demonstrating everyone's immense enjoyment of the journey. This year, as usual, we created many priceless memories during the workshop. Many thanks to VCU for their unwavering support! Hoping the emotions shared and the cultural exchange between us can continue to thrive, and we look forward to seeing you next year!

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